Mother’s Day Tribute

As years become decades, Mother’s Day has become a contemplative holiday for my family & I. Mother has left an indelible impression upon us. Her love was so constant and so real, I well up with tears to remember her purity & goodness: So pure a spirit to love so unconditionally. So beautiful a heart to be so joyful; my mother was a force of Nature. And now today, I try to pour that kind of Love into my daily life, to make it meaningful. These days when everything seems so poignant, juxtaposed by the ‘maddening crowd’, her Love saves the day. Let’s keep our eyes toward the solutions we need. There are many ways to be blessed. However, even those who were so fondly cherished must muster the courage to live their deepest truth. Yet how much easier it is to live courageously, when we are loved. Hence, let us truly love one another and collectively ascend into the next leap of evolutionary consciousness. Let us dispassionately hold up a model of compassion and integrity, that others feel inspired to also endeavor toward more peaceful negotiations. Mother of the world, mother of mine, thank you for the love which teaches us to live in peace and harmony. Together we are birthing something which has never before existed. #mothersday #mother #mothers #love #inspirationalquotes #visionary #birthing

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