Mermaids and the Mythical Feminine

Mermaids arose from the mythical, mystical feminine. For too long they have been idolized or commercialized, with little attention given to their mystical qualities. Waking Up as a Spiritual Being has been a theme in my Life for a while now. It’s also an upcoming book of mine. In it, I address the inspiration we so often need to navigate the landscape of our inner lives and outer world. How refreshing that today, we have more opportunities than ever to derive inspiration from multiple sources, on a daily basis. And yet this often leads to overwhelm.

“Unless you learn to meet me in the Heart, you will never know me.”

What an important lesson to learn in our visually-oriented society!

Heart-centered living is what brings meaning to our lives: Focusing on pet projects which are dear to our hearts, finding Love with someone who wants to build a Life together, having children, being recognized for our contributions, etc. By allowing people, places, and even things to move our hearts, to feel an uncommon depth, we experience Life as a rich and profound Gift. Films often bring people to tears, or move them to belly laughs, or feel their other emotions, which society has little patience with in general.

As a filmmaker and inspirational speaker, I love to focus on “honoring the feminine”. Our masculine society often discourages or mistrusts overly feminine self-expression. Like yin and yang, day and night, light and dark, the feminine is the counterpart to the masculine, we know this. But when we apply this to finding balance in our lives, it beckons our attention in more symbolic ways.

Compassion, meditation, empathy, hugs, forgiveness, spontaneity; these are qualities or activities which very quickly bring balance to people or situations which are overly masculine; war, fast-paced living, anti-social behaviors, aloofness, vindictive attitudes, relentless routines. To find the inspiration for our daily challenges, we do well to bring balance. If we are isolated, find connection. If we are overworked, take a break. If we are anxious or depressed, find solace.

Mermaid Entertainment is producing a couple of Mermaid-themed films ~ Life of a Mermaid & The Mermaid & Her Man. These will be seen on this YouTube Channel. Please subscribe to it & we’ll let you know as episodes come online. These films are part of my Enlightening Entertainment campaigns to produce positive programming while inspiring ocean conversancy. The ocean needs us to help keep Her heal & be cleaned.

Bringing these many concepts together will be balm for the soul.

Here’s the YouTube Channel for Mermaid Entertainment ~ ~

When you get to that webpage, just click on SUBSCRIBE to be informed about the Pilot and subsequent episodes for each. Mermaids and ocean conservancy bring together very important objectives for our modern lives: environmental health and mental health, as well as honoring the feminine aspects of ourselves and others. I hope you’ll enjoy these films/TVepisodes as much as I do making them.

Again, here’s the YouTube Channel for Mermaid Entertainment ~ ~

Subscribing to it helps support this effort for clean oceans, healthy people and women’s safety.

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Image credit: Victor Nizovtsev

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