Couples Goals

Couples Goals is the new buzz term for helping couples consciously co-create their Vision of Love. Helping Spiritual Aware Couples is such a fulfilling path for me. As an internationally celebrated, Dating & Relationship Coach, I provide leading-edge Relationship Goals programs with a 98% success rate. Everyone who has followed my program is still happily married, even now after decades. 

It’s all about personal growth & self-improvement. The better you feel, the better your relationships work in every area of your Life. The key is to keep feeling forward toward what you really want. Keep appreciating everyone who crosses your path, because they are helping you recognize what you really want…now. 

Single men & women will find the support they need to attract & keep the LOVE of their Lives. Alchemy of Attraction for Single Men & Dating Him for Keeps for Single Women, are fun & easy ways to call in your Twin Flame SoulMate.

How to Date Your Wife Dating Your Wife Be a Better Lover

Couples will learn how to consciously co-create their Vision of Love. 

It all begins with self-awareness. Then, you explore the stage of self-discovery. From there, you enter the domain of self-improvement, on your way to self-actualization. Once you have progressed enough, self-mastery becomse the goal. Eventually we reach self-realization, understanding that we indeed are the embodiments of Divine Love.

Too often, couples play the blame game, but that never works. Neither does shaming.

We all long for the tenderness of someone’s empathy, preferably our partner. Why is this so challenging for so many? Divorce may be averted if couples are willing to think outside of the little boxes which they put themselves in with one another, literally & figuretively.

Inside each of us is a veritable universe. This is why the Hindus believe that we should commit to seven lifetimes together, if we are sincerely going to get married. But imagine the depth of heart & soul required for such betrothal. And yet, when you fall in love, truly, madly, deeply, you can feel the infinite and eternal nature of such a Love.

Couples Goals

To grow together in ecstatic discovery, through the decades of our Life, is an extraordinary Gift which is rather rare. If half of marriages result in divorce, how many of those which stay together are truly journeying with happy hearts? We can learn to transition more gracefully, if we cannot reconcile our differences. We can help create more peace on Earth. It all comes back to personal evolution.

The problems we perceive usually result from allowing things to reach a crisis point, which usually could have been averted with more careful consideration. This is why personal growth leads to more stable relationships. But we endeavor with more grace & dignity when we remember to feel our way forward. The mind is the servant, the architect which can engineer the vision of the soul. The heart is the door to the soul.


Opposites may attract, to learn from each other. Like attracts like, and will help you look in the mirror. Couples have different chapters in their lives. Each one can be a wonderful adventure into the deeper reasons for our Love. Mastering male-female dynamics keeps us intrigued with one another, and is a veritable art form. We do indeed complement one another and we find the freedom and security we seek when we take more responsibility for it. But we quickly learn, we must care for another.
Weekly sessions make all the difference. Explore your Path to the Beloved as you study Love & Spiritual Development. They have a very deep connection. Celebrating the Sacred Feminine & Divine Masculine will bring Magic to your Life. This is the way of the Goddess.
Please note that I do have different programs for different topics:
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