Love & Happiness

Today, I walked to the mailbox to send some Father’s Day cards to family members. The bees were out in force, descending on the Privet, Jasmine, Roses, Daisies, and other beauties along my path. I could smell Summer. Instantly, I was reminded of happy, childhood days, and thought of those who need some inspiration in their lives to live their lives more fully, with Joy in their Hearts.

What ignites such Joy in YOUR precious Heart? Are you worried, jaded, weary, or already dancing a jig, on top of the world? We live in those “interesting times” which I had heard about growing up. ‘May you live in interesting time’ was supposed to be a veiled insult, or a challenge to the brave who lack no courage.  But each day of your Life is yours to do with as best you can.

Having overcome a lot of adversity, I recognize this. In fact, it is the fact that I have suffered so much in my Life that I am compelled to assist others rise above the fray in their circumstances. Being a cheerleader, an inspirational speaker, life coach, artist, and “uplifter” is such a blessing. Helping others really does keep our own situation in perspective. Dare to be blest, dare to FEEL blest.

Now, you may know of my garden of projects: Relationship Coaching, Enlightening Entertainment Projects, Professional Consultations, Waking Up as a Spiritual Being, Creating Sacred Spaces, Interactive Technology, and Non-Profit Programs to help the elderly, clean up the oceans, and empowering people to live innovative lives.


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