Alternative Medicine

Having a Holistic Medicine Practitioner to consult, in conjunction with a good integrative doctor, assures you of getting the right support for your healing journey.
Having a Holistic Medicine Practitioner to consult, in conjunction with a good integrative doctor, assures you of getting the right support for your healing journey.


When it comes to patients and their specific ailments and symptoms, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t always work. This is why we use a holistic model of wellness. If you’re suffering from a recent or chronic condition, and are seeking a provider of alternative medicine in the San Francisco, CA, area, or would like a phone or online consultation, AXIS ORIGIN GROUP is here to help. A division of AXIS MAGNA GROUP which specializes in health, wellness, and well-being, our healthcare providers complement your existing medical experts to offer a more comprehensive perspective and pleasant approach to relieve your pain and suffering.

A wellness coach or consultant helps you by asking questions and inviting you to observe what works and what needs more exploration. Your mental and physical health require a combination program of self-care and expert assistance. At AXIS ORIGIN GROUP we offer wellness education and training to help you help yourself. Meditation, communication skills, self-awareness, holistic medicine, life coaching, stress management, conflict resolution, counseling, and personal development work together to get you the results for which you’re looking. Our professional, alternative medicine consultants, wellness coaches, holistic practitioners, and affiliated, complimentary-medicine experts will help you find solutions to your situation.

Ultimately, each of us must face the fact that our health is our responsibility. This necessitates that each of us learn about our bodies, our health conditions, and our full range of options. As individual consumers of wellness services, we must learn to recognize what might work and evaluate any modality for its efficacy. Getting support while on any healing journey is invaluable. Thinking clearly is essential and while stressed out about issues, rational decisions can be difficult. Our counseling will help you better recognize which options will work best for you. Once you have received the personal support you need to sort through the sequence of events which led you to this point, life gets easier. Get ready to live pain free. Be committed to your well-being.

Your wellness program begins with a consultation. From there, you may opt for weekly sessions by phone, online or in-person. To offer more support, you may opt for a multi-day intensive, at one of our facilities in the San Francisco, San Diego, CA, or Towson, MD areas. Intensives include 4-6 hours a day of coaching, counseling, treatments, and practices to help your condition.

Ready to feel good again? Let’s begin.




1. INNOVATIVE WELLNESS: General Wellness & Well-Being ~ Enroll in our Innovative Wellness program for a comprehensive approach to your wellness goals. Everyone is recommended to begin with this program and add to it any of the following additions.

2. QUANTUM LIVING: Principles of Holistic Health ~ Survey the basics of holistic healing with this program. Learn how health basics can propel you forward with restful sleep, excellent nutrition, rejuvenating exercise, and other holistic practices.

3. REJUVE HQ: Essential Well-Being Solutions ~ Focus more on fun in your life with this wellness program. We offer over 200 Personal, Professional, Community, & Organizational Development Programs.

4. FOXHAVEN WELLNESS CENTER: Leading Edge Wellness Programs ~ Visit our wellness centers for your Wellness Intensive where we offer you wellness education programs as well as a wellness journey for your specific goals. Foxhaven East is in Towson/Baltimore, MD.

5. AROMATHERAPY & ESSENTIAL OILS: Botanical Solutions ~ Incorporate Aromatherapy for your wellness journey and learn how Essential Oils can soothe your condition.

6. ENERGY MEDICINE: Chakra Therapy, Reiki Massage, & Shamanism ~ De-mystify the ever-growing popularity of these modalities as we take you into the Energy Medicine Zone, where you connect body-mind-heart & soul to your intrinsic well-being.

7. WELLNESS COACHING: On-going Support for Health Goals ~ If you prefer a well-structured wellness program, you’ll opt for this coaching program to clearly specify steps for your healing journey and monitor progress regularly.

8. HATHA YOGA: Body-Mind Techniques ~ So many people recognize the benefits of this ancient practice. Yoga has many branches because the experts long ago saw that one size doesn’t always fit everyone. Hatha continues to offer a reliable approach to physical and mental health.

9. TANTRA YOGA: Personal Integration & Transformation ~ Deepening your authentic presence, improving your perspective on life events, understanding your sexuality, learning how to meditate, learning the best breathing practices, enjoying relationship success, and more are just some of the benefits of this ancient yoga.

10. FENG SHUI: Creating Sanctuary for Wellness & Well-Being ~ Enroll in a Feng Shui Coaching program to address environmental factors affecting your wellness & well-being. Our feng shui consultants have over 20 years experience to benefit you on your healing journey.

11. HOLISTIC EVENTS: Workshops, Retreats, & Travel Tours ~ Are you ready for a vacation? Wellness Retreats, whether meditation retreat or yoga retreat or couples retreat offer you an opportunity to focus more closely on what’s going on with you and your partner, family, team, or community.




AXIS ORIGIN GROUP is committed to providing excellent care to you and your family. Taking an alternative approach to treatment, our experts will review your symptoms and lifestyle habits to customize an approach to relieving what ails you. And as our client, you’ll benefit from our:

  • Convenient options to discuss your situation
  • Flexible appointment scheduling
  • Expert staff & affiliates
  • Wide range of methods to improve your health & well-being
  • Leading edge practitioners & wellness education programs
  • Nurturing environments to support your optimum health & vitality

Well-Being is your natural state. Learn how to reclaim yours!
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