Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Anxiety Therapist in San Francisco, CA

Have you ever asked, What is anxiety? Wondering about the signs of anxiety or how to control anxiety? If you suffer from debilitating panic attacks, persistent worry, fears or phobias, or generalized anxiety, help is available. AXIS ORIGIN GROUP, a division of Axis Magna Group which deals with wellness & well-being, provides various alternative medicine solutions and wellness education to address your anxiety treatment, in a caring and professional environment.


Do you feel you have a panic disorder? Maybe you have a social phobia. There are in fact many anxiety disorders. If you feel you have an anxiety disorder, we may be able to help you, as we have with many other men and women. Many people feel anxious from time to time. But when feelings of anxiety occur regularly and begin to interfere with your job, relationships, or other aspects of your daily life, it’s time to pursue professional anxiety treatment. AXIS ORIGIN GROUP has wellness programs to help you.


AXIS ORIGIN GROUP works to help our clients better understand and manage the physical and psychological effects of anxiety disorders. Through personalized treatment, we examine the causes of your anxiety, analyze the emotions associated with it, and help you recognize how you can change negative thoughts and behaviors. AXIS ORIGIN GROUP  has a mission to help you experience freedom from the debilitating effects of anxiety disorders and improve your quality of your life.

Don’t let anxiety stand in the way of pursuing your goals. Call today to make an appointment and learn more about how anxiety treatment might help you.


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