Case Studies

All the folks who have worked with Teresa, and followed her advice, are still happily married today. We believe this is due to Ms. Foxworthy’s focus on personal growth & conscientious development:


DC Physician studying comedy with Teresa, wants to enroll his psychiatrist wife and children.

VP of Marketing at Top 10 Tech Companies learns in one weekend what he said 8 psychiatrists and counselors failed to do in 8 years.

Child Psychiatrist in California’s premiere wine country dates for the first time in 20 years and within a year she is married.

Businessman mends relationship with children after many years.

Banking maverick discovers the meaning of love.

Soon-to-be mother regains her inner peace.



Astrophysicist goes from living in basement to quadrupling his dividends.

Owner sells $30 million company after not talking to partner in 20 years.


Top 10 Computer Manufacturer ask Teresa to assist with their new design.

Over a dozen hi-tech start ups successfully brought to market.

Over 20k fans in her network.

Eco projects for green investors.