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Holistic medicine and home remedies are becoming increasingly popular again. This is interesting in part because essential oils were actually the first medicines that humans used. We seem to have come full circle, recognizing the strength of botanical oils from herbs, trees, flowers, and fruit. Essential oils such as tea tree oil, which is a fabulous disinfectant, or peppermint oil, which is fabulous for digestion, or lavender oil, which soothes both mind and body, or eucalyptus oil for respiratory issues, rosemary, lemon, orange, rose oil, cinnamon, bergamot, helichrysum, geranium, sandalwood, sassafras, thyme, vitex, chastebery for hormonal balancing, wintergreen and other oils have been helping adults and children soothe their health problems since prehistoric times.


TERESA presents AROMESSENTIALS, a line of essential oils which are made up of various, therapeutic-grade oils. Whether you purchase YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS or DOTERRA ESSENTIAL OILS or our other, quality oils, you’ll be getting the best available anywhere in the world. And delivery is easy online.

Therapeutic-grade is a term used to indicate its purity, relative to cosmetic grade oils which are less potent and less effective in many ways. When you purchase essential oils from us, or schedule an aromatherapy consultation, therapy or spa treatment session, you can be sure you will enjoy the finest oils on the planet to bring you the natural healing benefits of pure essential oils.

To make sure you get the right oils for you, you’ll receive a complimentary consultation to identify which essential oils are best for you, which brand, and what quantity. Thieves Oil, for example is used by people all over the world for its anti-viral properties. Patchouli is for more than its smell, though it works great as a cologne when mixed properly.

All oils have safety precautions, which is why we consult with you first. Frankincense oil is another favorite. Choose Young Living Essential Oils or Doterra Essential Oils, using special herbs, tea, garden ideas, and you can rest assured you’re getting the best money can buy. Incorporate essential oils into your feng shui, massage, holistic medicine, home remedies, eco fragrance, for anxiety, depression, panic attacks, or other natural remedies.

Did you know that the most toxic ingredients in your home are most likely the synthetic fragrances in your household and personal care products?  You can use essential oils for perfume, cosmetics, shampoo, cleaning supplies, room freshener, fragrance, skin care, back pain, anti-aging skin treatment, hair products, bath and body ideas, Ayurveda remedies, deodorant, dry skin, body lotion, and they are all natural. They just require some preliminary education to reap the best benefits.

Call or email us today for more information and to schedule an appointment to begin the healing process. Mention this website for your free consultation to assist you in purchasing oils for your self or others.


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