My efforts in film are screenwriting, TV, and video production, primarily. As a child actor, I was enchanted by the story telling aspect of film, and how it could make me laugh or cry, relax or focus, be inspired in more ways than one. Like an endless beam of Light, my fertile imagination keeps flowing toward new & more leading edge ideas.

As a screenwriter, my titles have female leads, whether comedy, drama, fantasy, or thrillers. My documentaries are more about culture and consciousness. Romantic Comedies are fluid for me, as are dramas which explore the spiritual awakening of women in various epochs.


Research for my screenplays keeps my Life incredibly interesting, as I travel, meditate, and live Life to the fullest each day. Documentaries such as

MYSTIC DANCER: The History of Consciousness as Seen Through the History of Music & Dance,

VISIONARY PORTALS: Leading Edge Research of Human Consciousness


If you would like to collaborate or discuss further, contact me.