Teresa Ann Foxworthy



Just as Teresa loves to inspire others, she loves to help others to inspire their family, friends, and community to be the best they can be as everyone joins together for a clearer idea of what is desired, so that everyone’s needs and wants are addressed.


“To inspire others is to lead. To lead is to live to your highest human potential.”


What inspiration do you crave?

Teresa is an Inspirational Speaker who loves telling inspirational stories which help ignite your heart-felt desires, so you can live the Life that you came to live.


Having her as your Life Coach will keep you accountable to your stated goals and priorities. Watch your happiness & joy grow as you take your life to the next level and live every day to the fullest.



Coming soon…Radiance thru Dance Meditation.

First aired in the San Francisco Bay area, this TV show shows Teresa in beautiful locations, inspiring others to meditation, do yoga, and reflect on what their heart desires. Several viewers wrote to the TV station and reported that Teresa’s show stopped them from committing suicide.

Teresa knows from first-hand experience what it is like to overcome adversity. Having lost four of the five members of her immediate family, as well as her betrothed, Teresa’s experience with death & life transitions is a long list of the day-by-day efforts required to move your life forward when all seems lost. She also overcame a work-related injury which required her to totally change her lifestyle and rehabilitate after being bedridden.


Apply now for your inspirational life coaching program with TERESA:










Teresa is based in San Diego, CA, USA. She offers intensive workshops & retreats as well as speaking engagements, coaching, and lifestyle consultations.




Ms. Foxworthy speaks on various topics related to inspirational living, relationship goals, creative self-expression, leadership, wellness & well-being, spiritual development, feng shui, holistic healing, raising the status of women, ocean conservancy, and more.



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