Lifestyle Consultant Pt. 2

Choose from among Teresa’s LIFESTYLE CONSULTING  services to target your current goals.

Click on one of the following:

Color Consulting

Feng Shui Consulting

Image Consulting

Interior Decorating

Life Coach for Men

Personal Brand Development

Personal Stylist & Wardrobe Consulting

Spiritual Consultations

and more.

Specializing in holistic lifestyles which emphasize your total health and well-being, Teresa provides both consultations and coaching programs to enrich your life. Create a winning lifestyle where you enjoy optimum health: body, mind, heart, and soul.

Imagine living as if you are truly expressing your highest potential. Over the last many years, Teresa has researched innovations for how people around the globe are living to promote longevity and personal fulfillment.

What lifestyle choices are you making to improve your Life: health, well-being, prosperity, love relationships, personal empowerment, leadership skills? What other factors will most quickly bring you forward into the Life you desire?


Teresa has been a Lifestyle Consultant for over 20 years, helping women and men create their Best Life Ever!

A consultant or advisor offers assistance to individuals or groups to help them achieve a list of stated goals or objectives. As a consultant, Teresa helps people with the following services.


Click on one and learn more:


Eco Luxury HQ – Enjoy a wonderful quality of life while still being mindful of your impact on your community’s resources.

Ecstatic Lifestyles – If you’re ready to explore your ecstatic potential for a fulfilling life, you’ll want to enroll in this program.

Holistic Healing Lifestyles – Reclaim your health & wellness with this lifestyle consulting to make your health your top priority.


With over 20 years professional experience with Fortune 100 companies, Teresa can address most topics facing senior or junior executives, and other professionals, who want to take their vision to the next level. Get the support, guidance, and practice you need, in order to show up in your Life with more focus, composure, and fun!


Ms. Foxworthy offers 2 packages:

1) ECSTATIC LIFESTYLES ~ Choose this package to address one or more of the following topics. Coaching programs can be from one to six hours each week.

Relationship Goals – Social skills for Women and Men

Enlightening Entertainment – Feed your Soul

Essential Well-Being – Holistic Lifestyle Consulting

Waking Up as a Spiritual Being – Personal Transformation


2) ECO LUXURY HQ ~ Choose this package for leadership, branding, & networking. Consultations consist of two or more hours per month.

Community Building – Help build strong communities where you live

Design Principles – Create Sacred Space with Feng Shui

Essential Oils – Discover the powerful health benefit of Essential Oils.

Leadership Development – Discover the right professional paradigm for your vision



Coaching Sessions and Consultations are by appointment only.

You are invited to a complimentary session to get acquainted.

Apply for your LIFESTYLE CONSULTING program HERE.


Discover the power of weekly sessions and holistic living with Teresa’s guidance for attaining your ecstatic potential.




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