Image Consultant Makeovers

Are you wanting a new exterior to match your evolving interior?
Are you wanting a new exterior to match your evolving interior?


Image Consultant in San Francisco, CA

Whether you’re preparing for a special event or simply going out for a night on the town, one thing remains the same: You want to look your best. But finding your unique look is sometimes a little tricky. When you’re having a difficult time cultivating a great new look, I consult with you to achieve your desired results.

Please consult my itinerary for currently locations, though phone consultations with emails and video conference calls can do wonders as well. The key is to identify your personal theme and then your colors. From there, we identify your body type, lifestyle, and favorite fashion statements.

My ESSENZA makeovers include Ecstatic Makeovers, Goddess Makeovers, and Masculine Makeovers, so you can have that special inspiration you’ve been seeking. I now provide a full image consultation service, geared toward refining your look and having you at your absolute best. You can choose an image consultation to focus on professional, social, or wellness goals. Defining your authentic image is half the fun. Seeing results is the best!


My associates and I can assess your body type, skin tone, and style and make recommendations for your new makeover  regimen. Our experts will also work alongside you to create a wardrobe & look that highlights your best features. More than simply choosing for you, your  consultant will introduce you to a wealth of options that will help you to develop your own look. And when you look good, you do feel great.

Showcase your full potential with the help of Teresa and her team. Whether your tastes are conservative or bohemian chic, sporty or romantic, down-to-earth or sophisticated, Ms. Foxworthy will bring out the real you.

To schedule an appointment, please call us today.

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