Our Story

Many years ago, a group of women came together to explore their personal evolution to develop and empower a vision for their lives which could help their families and communities. Teresa was so inspired by this that she launched many self-help and enlightening entertainment programs.

When Teresa was 11 years old, she began raising money for charities. She was a natural. Simultaneously, she was studying dance, yoga, music, and poetry. In high school, she reached for leadership in her artistic fields of endeavor. In college, she helped bring state-of-the-art techniques to her Theater Arts Department.

Feeling empowered by her ease with arts and technology, community building, and travel, Teresa lived in Europe for almost two years, teaching English, directing a dance troupe, translating screenplays, hosting radio shows, and pursuing her music career.

Back in California, Ms. Foxworthy continued on the leading edge of arts & technology. When a work related injury tried to slow her down, she created an inspirational TV show, and produced music videos, and collaborated on songwriting with a 3x Grammy-winning music producer. In Southern California, Teresa was chosen as 1 of 150 most up-and-coming musical artists, out of 3000.

To complement her artistic side, Teresa realized that personal growth was essential for sustainable success and personal fulfillment. Being bedridden for several years gave her time to introspect and study the best, holistic health practices. She even became a dating coach and feng shui consultant. Today, her repertoire in alternative medicine includes: meditation, reiki, shaman healing, chakra balancing, essential oils, and other body-mind techniques to promote optimal well-being.