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Love is what makes Life worth living. And Love is who we are. Navigating Love’s landscapes can make the most wonderful memories of your Life. Teresa has been a Dating & Relationship Coach for over 20 years. Her Dating for Keeps & Co-Creating for Couples programs have a 98% success rate. Singles are engaged or married with a year, and couples are renewing their vows or taking their next honeymoon in that same time.

Weekly phone sessions make all the difference. Confidential calls give you the support you need to recognize what’s really important to you and set your priorities accordingly. Teresa’s laser focus and warm personality help you take your love life to the next level. Are you ready for the Love you really want? Are you willing to invest in yourself and stay the course to make your vision of love a reality? Then book an intro session today and discover how Teresa can help you.

Explore the best sites for you on my Relationship Goals / Couples Goals menu. I have programs for single men, single women, married men, married women, on a wide range of topics. Increase your self-awareness & self-mastery as you learn to gracefully navigate male-female dynamics. Having explored so many Romantic Paradigms, Teresa can help you recognize your flirting style, sexual fantasies, & preferred fetishes. Learn techniques for Evolving Ecstasy on your sacred journey into lasting Love. Affairs of the heart are the most complex of all Life has to offer. Get the support you need to move your Love Life forward.




Teresa only accepts a few clients each week, to ensure you receive the best care possible. Her ocean-view location helps you relax, as you prepare to level up your Love Life. Learn the skills you need to develop lasting love ~





– Clear communication
– Creating win-win solutions
– Resolving conflicts
– Forming heart-centered relationships
– Building trust & respect
– Rekindling passion
– Deepening your bond
– Online dating techniques
– Dating your mate ideas
– Renewing Vows
– Honoring the Feminine
– Evolving the Masculine
– Love as Spiritual Practice


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Teresa has over 200 personal growth programs, for women, men, singles & couples.

What are your relationship goals or couples’ goals for the next 12 months?

Slow down enough to listen to your heart and practice new, more effective behaviors.


“Let your Heart blossom like a sweet-smelling rose, then you will be invincible.”

Teresa Ann Foxworthy



Mastering Male-Female Dynamics

Preparation for Dating

Dating Him for Marriage

Your Feminine Radiance

Co-Creating for Couples

Dating Your Mate

Relationship as Spiritual Practice

Alternative Lifestyles

Honoring the Feminine

Goddess Wisdom



Learn more about the relationship skills that will help you with your Vision of Love ~ CLICK HERE.

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