As a professional speaker, Teresa has over 20 years experience as:

Motivational Speaker

Inspirational Speaker

Keynote Speaker

She has presented on various stages, for audiences as large as 75,000. Her speaking engagements help men and women discover their own potential as they listen to how she found and attained hers, on a fascinating journey of self-discovery & self-mastery.

Topics include:

Yoga & Meditation Lifestyles
Relationship Success
Overcoming Trauma & Adversity
Wellness & Well-Being
Spiritual Development
Creative Self-Expression
Dating for Marriage
Co-Creating for Couples
Chinese Feng Shui Wisdom
Western Astrology
Color Therapy
Writing Poetry
Empowerment for Women
Female Led Relationship

Living in Northern California
Living in Southern California
Living in the Mid-Atlantic
Living in Maui, Hawaii
Living in New Brunswick, Canada
Living in France


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