Teresa Ann Foxworthy in North County San Diego, CA


Finding Life Direction or Purpose,

Understanding or Awakening Spirituality,

Healing and Resolving Trauma or Grief,

Building Confidence and Esteem




Has your spirit been crushed? Or is it ready to fly?

Wash your spirit clean. Live with a the spirit of generosity.

Do you dare be a free spirit?

Human liberation is finding the courage to live fully and honor your truth as an individual. Of course, you’ll soon find out that group dynamics require some real team spirit. But when do you get in touch with your spiritual side? Do you live from the depth of your soul?

Imagine that you do have an eternal soul.

Waking Up as a Spiritual Being is Teresa’s upcoming book about a spiritual awakening she had, which has inspired a novel about the journey of one’s inner evolution in a highly industrial world. How do you reconcile logistics with love?




The presence of ancient wisdom and modern concepts propel one’s consciousness to plow forward through fears and resistance.

What is the relationship between the spiritual and material?

Do you experience yourself to be on a spiritual journey?

Do you have a spiritual practice to keep you balanced through life’s ups and downs?

SPIRITUAL COUNSELING addresses your emotional confusion or deliberation.

SPIRITUAL COACHING focuses on your spiritual goals & related development.


As an Executive Life Coach, I help men and women address their goal management in the areas of love, health, image development, and spiritual growth.

Teresa has a variety of spiritual development programs for men and women who identify more as spiritual, rather than religious. While Teresa is non-denominational, she encourages individuals to think outside the box of their religion, past the doctrines and dogma which causes them internal turmoil.

Consider what religion’s purpose is in our modern world. We must balance the facts of an ever-evolving scientific community with our lineage & time-tested practices, as we open to the journey ahead of us. Ourselves and the generations after us are counting on our self-directed choices for creating Heaven on Earth.



Spirituality pertains to the soul. Religion pertains to a particular system of worship.





For spiritual counseling or specific consultations, click here to request an appointment by phone or in person with Teresa in North County Coastal, San Diego, California, USA.



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