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Thank you for taking the time to learn about me. Together, there is much we can do for the collective good. Whether it is my artistic pursuits, music, film, television, artistic, even hi-tech, or my therapeutic programs, events, or services, I’ve spent my life connecting the dots of work-life balance, creative self-expression, and self-realization.

My life is rich with a multitude of projects and praise. These days I’m focused on producing Enlightening Entertainment events with Mermaid Entertainment, as well as the Solace CD Inspirational Music Project, in addition to the Community Building programs which are geared toward “Re-Humanizing in a Hi-Tech World”. Since my days as a child actor, I have been enchanted by music, film, poetry, and dance. My college degree is in Theater, Dance, & Liberal Arts. I’ve written songs for seven years with a 3x-Grammy winning producer, produced videos for the A-List in both Hollywood & the music industry.

Every year, I travel to the most beautiful places: Spring in the Mid-Atlantic, Summer in Western Europe, Canada or the Pacific Northwest, Autumn in Northern California, and Winter in San Diego, Hawaii, Australia or Asia. I hope you’ll permit me to inspire you in your life, to live every day to the fullest…Together, we are making this world a better place.




Teresa Ann Foxworthy
Teresa in San Diego, CA



As far back as I can remember, I wanted to be an artist.

First, I wanted to be like Jesus, and heal others. I thought his ability to heal was the most amazing thing one could do. Though I wasn’t sure I could heal anyone, it seemed that everyone still needs healing. So I thought, if I couldn’t heal everyone, I could be an artist and at least try to inspire everyone with beautiful works of art.

It didn’t take long before I was voted Class Artist in Kindergarten with my paintings. Then, I became a TV actor for a couple regular children’s shows: Romper Room & Professor Kool’s Fun Skool. Because I was so expressive, I was given speaking roles right away. I was so inspired by the performing arts, going to operas, theater, ballet, and such, that I began formally studying dance at age 9 and acting at age 12.

Next, I was ordained Class Choreographer in high school, leading the dances for the annual pageant at our all girls’ high school. But the healing arts were still making an impression on me throughout my early education. I was introduced to Hatha yoga at age 9, therapeutic massage at age 15, became a vegetarian chef at age 16, and started teaching Hatha yoga at age 17. I watched some suffer while others thrived and was determined to be one who thrived.

In high school & college, my studies included, Liberal & Expressive Arts, as well as philosophy, psychology, theology, French, sociology, quantum physics, social geography, sociobiology, mythology, music, acting, costume design, and dance — Classical Ballet, Tap & Pointe; Modern such as, Martha Graham, Isadora Duncan, and Twyla Tharp; African from Ghana, Senegal, and Nigeria; and Kathak from India. This variety of choreography inspired my own modern choreography, dance concerts, videos, and subsequent TV performances.

Traveling to Europe began in high school. For what would have been my senior year of college, I lived France, teaching English, directing an African Dance Troupe, translating film scripts, and hosting a radio show on Radio Libre. Later, I would enjoy spending time in Canada, Switzerland, and Mexico. International travel as always appealed to me, since my parents met while living in Japan for several years, where they married and had my two oldest brothers. My other brother and I were born in California once my dad finished his MBA in Finance at Stanford.

Upon returning to the states, I began working in the hi-tech field, my first job being Assistant Product Manager for a graphics software publisher. My business acumen seemed innate, but I longed for Electronic Theater, integrating arts & technology. So, I returned to college and completed studies in theater, dance, conceptual design, and multi-media.

After I graduated college, I worked for a while as a Marketing Specialist for another graphics software company. When I left, it took three people to replace me, I was told. I always put everything I have into what I’m doing. But then I learned first-hand the importance of ergonomics and work-life balance.

After a work-related injury left me bedridden for the better part of 10 years, I turned my laser focus to the study of wellness, well-being, and the relationship between optimal health & waking up as a spiritual being. This time, I had to learn healing from the inside out. I have had the privilege of working with some of America’s finest doctors, therapists, and holistic practitioners, all of whom taught me important facets of the healing process. I sought out the doctors for San Francisco’s 49ers, those at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, and Rolfers from Switzerland to Hawaii!

Greatly influenced by the author of Megatrends, I began an odyssey into what it means to be human and alive. As Lou Schuler writes,

“The great irony of the high-tech age is that we’ve become enslaved to devices that were supposed to give us freedom. That’s why in High Tech/High Touch, John Naisbitt decided to revisit a chapter from Megatrends, his 1982 bestseller, in which he discussed the split between high tech and what he dubbed “high touch.”

“We all know what high tech is–these are the technologies that “make us available 24 hours a day, like a convenience store,” Naisbitt writes. He says we live in a “technologically intoxicated zone,” the symptoms of which include a continual search for quick fixes and lives that are “distanced and distracted.” High touch, on the other hand, is the stuff we give up when we’re tuned in to the technological world: hope and fear and longing, love and forgiveness, nature and spirituality. To discover where the twain shall meet, Naisbitt takes us on a journey that includes Celebration, Florida, the Disney-created community that was fully wired from the get-go; Martha Stewart, who shows people with complicated lives how to enjoy simple tasks like gardening; extreme sports and adventure travel, in which ordinary people expose themselves to the full fury of nature and gravity. And that’s all just the first quarter of the book; Naisbitt goes on to look at how video games desensitize children to violence; the challenges the human genome project presents to religion and spirituality; and, finally, “specimen art,” in which artists create disturbing images of life, death and human sexuality.

“There’s no conclusion, in the traditional sense, only a look at what’s happening in our world. But the reader will probably take some sort of action after finishing High Tech/High Touch: switching off the cell phone for a few hours a day; permanently locking away the children’s violent Nintendo games; maybe even booking a vacation at the most remote location possible. Anything to get away from the constant buzz of a wired world.”

Once I was back on my feet, I realized that I wanted to work from home as a Feng Shui Life Coach. Within a couple years, I became one of the very first Dating Coaches on the internet. With a program that I created, I’ve helped countless singles & couples with their relationship goals. All of my clients who followed my programs are still happily married! My Dating for Keeps program has a 98% success program, with singles engaged or couples renewing vows, within a year.

So, I devoted my time to progress in the fields of personal growth, interpersonal relationships, hi-tech innovation, holistic wellness, and enlightening entertainment. In the world of hi-tech, my post-college career began. My business skills grew as I played significant roles in product development and marketing for a dozen start-ups. My consulting for business and organizational development, helping key decision makers recognize the most strategic options available to them in today’s rapidly changing, global markets, continues to this day.

During the last 20 years, I’ve created more than 200 personal, professional, organizational and community development programs for people across the globe, including senior executives at Fortune 100 companies, as well as business professionals, non-profit innovators, and a diverse group of cultural creatives who enjoy being on the leading edge of social trends and technical developments.


Teresa Ann Foxworthy
“Creativity is my fountain of youth.”



As the years roll by, I will continue with both creative projects & holistic health programs which serve to inspire people to lead more meaningful lives. Leading workshops, retreats, hosting socials, and coaching clients who are ready for transformation are all such enjoyable activities for me.

In the areas of film and music, I’m working on screenplays as well as a few CDs. My photography has become a regular pursuit, as have my culinary recipes. Eco Living gave way to making organic perfume & skincare. Fashion, jewelry, and other lifestyle designs also factor into my creative self-expression.

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