Yoga, Breath, & Meditation are tools for transformation. Most people in the world today only know Yoga as a form of exercise. This is however, only one of eight main types of yoga, known as Hatha Yoga.

Hatha Yoga yoga has more than a dozen sub-types of physical yoga, such as,

Ashtanga (strict)

Hot Yoga (hard core)

Iyengar (restorative)

Kundalini Hatha (spiritual)

Vinyasa (dynamic)

Yin Yoga (relaxing)


Which is the best Yoga for you? Take this quiz & find out.


The 8 BRANCHES or types of traditional yoga are:

Bhakti – devotional

Hatha – physical

Jnana – academic

Karma – service

Kriya – mental & physical

Kundalini – chakras

Raja – concentration

Tantra – relationships


Click on this beach and take the Yoga Quiz to see which path is right for you. You can always change later.


Enroll in my Yoga Coaching & Therapy program to help integrate your self-awareness with self-mastery, for the benefit of self-realization.

We live simple, mundane lives, most of us, but we savor most the moments which capture our senses; scents, flavors, textures, temperatures, sights, and sounds.



Yoga is a holistic health practice.

The yogis realized there are many paths which lead to self-realization. Some get into the “zone” by fine-tuning their physical bodies. For others, the “heart center” brings clarity to one’s personal evolution. The academics need another venue entirely, in order to accurately reflect their vision of things. So, there are many types of yoga. But in all of them, breath and meditation remain common ground.





In my coaching & lifestyle program, you will learn about the branches of yoga which most appeal to you. The objective is to bring your focus to the areas of your Life which most need attention, so you can enjoy an ecstatic lifestyle of health, love & happiness.

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YOGA began over 8000 years ago in India. There are countless reasons why it is so popular. Discover how Yoga can enhance your life. It is not a religion, rather, it is a philosophy or wellness practice for great health & peace of mind.


Today there are more and more innovations in the yoga community.

Yoga Dance, Aqua Yoga, and others open the door for your personal exploration…






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