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Teresa is a creative artist in the fields of visual, performing, and conceptual arts. She began in childhood and has been a prolific artist ever since. As a child actor, she was able to channel her vivacious personality. In high school, she was class choreographer for four years straight. In college, she brought arts & technology together. She has produced & directed her own Inspirational TV Show, which received several letters for viewers claiming that she literally saved their lives. Teresa is focused today on music & inspirational projects.

Concept Developer

Located in Southern California, Teresa is a creative artist who has spent most of her life helping others deepen their self-awareness, cultivate personal fulfillment & manifest their Vision of Love.


“In the 21st Century, we have an unprecedented opportunity to fulfill our human potential.”

You’ve just found a corner of cyberspace, with inspiration for people who need to ~

“Re-Humanize in a Hi-Tech World”.

Through inspirational speaking engagements, enlightening entertainment, consultations, uplifting events, and charitable efforts, Ms. Foxworthy reaches out to nurture stronger communities, who look after one another and build consensus for our mutual benefit. Today, more than ever, we need to consciously co-create a better world for everyone.

“Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to help the world be a happier, healthier, safer, more loving place. I always imagined enlightened leaders would gather the most innovative teams to make decisions which would help the most people, and fulfill our vast human potential.” – Teresa Ann Foxworthy



“Life is a journey of the Heart. Save the world, love your woman.”

What can any of us do to help this world move in a better direction? Each of us has a unique role to play. You never know who will cross your path and be the better for it. Attune yourself to a higher source of inspiration for best results.

At the moment, Teresa’s top campaigns resolve around Re-Humanizing in a Hi-Tech World, Enlightening Entertainment,  and Waking Up as a Spiritual Being, as well as Honoring the Feminine & Evolving the Masculine.

These topics are much needed conversations in this rapidly changing world. As we come into balance, cultivating more conscious lives, communities discover more cooperative members who work towards the common good of all people. Local cooperation helps to resolve global violence, poverty, and environmental sustainability.

Please join Team Teresa in helping to build communities which live happy, healthy, and prosperous lives, one day at a time. Every time you make an informed decision, and help inspire consensus, you get closer to a sustainable outcome. Each time you choose feeling better over feeling worse, you improve your well-being.

Each time you opt for transparency & accountability, you become more powerful. Together, we are making this world a better place. Teresa can help you recognize your best options. Whether it’s coaching for love, well-being, and leadership; choosing uplifting entertainment; or collaborating on a creative project, Ms. Foxworthy is a force of Nature with a dynamic range of skills.




“Creativity is my fountain of youth.”


“I can shine like the Sun or glow like the Moon.”

Teresa is a Creative Artist (singer, songwriter, screenwriter, model, choreographer, photographer, director and producer) for enlightening entertainment titles in the fields of music, film, and stage productions. These projects come straight from her heart & soul, to inspire more Love & Light in our world, making it more vibrant in every direction. ~ #ConceptDeveloper #CreativeArtist #SingerSongwriter #Screenwriter #Model #FilmTVDirector #YouTuber #Poetess #LifestyleConsultant


“Let your heart blossom like a sweet-smelling rose, then you will be invincible.” – Teresa Ann Foxworthy


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