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Executive Coach from San Francisco teaches global leadership styles to help step to the front of your class.
Executive Coach from San Francisco teaches global leadership styles to help step to the front of your class.


Executive Coach in San Francisco, CA

The right business, communication, and interpersonal skills can help elevate your career and set you on the path to success. Having an experienced Executive Coach will help you in a variety of ways. Perhaps you need help with public speaking, team engagement, exploring new leadership styles, assess your wellness program, strategize your next career move, or want to learn emotional intelligence at home or work. At Axis Magna Group, we work to help our clients develop the skills and techniques they need to excel in a leading-edge, business environment. Whether you’ve been promoted to a management position, are in the process of climbing the corporate ladder, feel the pressure of work-life demands, or feel like a corporate refugee, we invite you to learn more about our executive coaching program.

Our lead EXECUTIVE LIFE COACH, Teresa Ann Foxworthy, has worked primarily with Senior Executives at Fortune 100 companies for their personal, professional, community, and organizational development goals. Her clients come from AT&T, Credit Suisse, Smith Barney, Sun Microsystems, & Wells Fargo. From her tenure in the the Hi-Tech world, consultant to start-ups, business analyst at AT&T, in addition to her coaching clients, Teresa has laser focus, delivered in a warm & friendly personality. She works as both Executive Coach and Management Consultant, offering counseling, leadership training, wellness consulting, and work-life balance programs. Her consulting firm provides solutions for both individuals and groups in small-to-large enterprises.

If you need help with your organizational leadership, want to plan a yoga retreat, explore team engagement strategies, are ready to hire a organizational developmentmanagement consultantkeynote, motivational speaker, could use some small business consulting, have an interest in social media marketing, strategy consulting or strategic planning, are ready to make a career change, recognize the value of a coaching program, or other, related training, contact us to make an appointment. We’ll set up an introductory session to get acquainted and show you how we can move your vision forward. Choose from one of the following programs ~


AXIS COMMAND GROUP is the corporate division of AXIS MAGNA GROUP, offering leadership, wellness, team engagement, and related executive services.


Ready for the next chapter of your career path? Want to brand yourself? We’ll polish your resume, making it sparkle, as well as launch your social media campaign.

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE PROGRAM (for personal or professional success)

Here on the leading edge everyone is expected to cultivate emotional intelligence to be employable, let alone leaders.

LEADERSHIP TRAINING for Corporate Success

Understand your best leadership style to make your brand in demand. Turn liabilities into assets and get your team moving; your turn to shine.


Work-life balance begins and ends with two relationships: the one with you and the way you feel about life partnership. Choosing the right partner is perhaps your most critical decision. Our Dating for Keeps program has 98% success rate.


Getting on top of your game is easier if you’re enjoying peak physical performance. We’ll help you begin health-promoting behaviors.


Engage your audience with the ease of speaking to your best friend. Trust what you have to say and say it with eloquence.



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