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Teresa ~ Creative Artist

“As a creative artist, I love to sing, dance, choreograph, write songs, record, write stage & screenplays, direct both screen and stage events, write poetry, coach performing artists, design interiors, invent perfume, paint, sculpt, and other multi-media forms of creative vision. I live to be a creative artist!”

Here are some of Teresa’s creative projects:


– Singer, songwriter, and lyricist for a wide range of genres; worked with Narada Michael Walden, 3x-Grammy winning music producer for Aretha Franklin, Whitney Huston, Mariah Carey, and many others. I was also voted one of 150 most up-and0-coming musical artists out of 3000 reviewed, by A&R legend Tim Sweeney from Los Angeles.

Stars for Ayla web page

Singer/Songwriter/Lyricist Blog on FB


– mostly female lead films in romantic comedy, drama, and fantasy. I’ve been in a few small productions, including the war drama, Green Line

Screenwriter Blog on FB


– In addition to writing, producing, directing, and acting in my own productions, inspirational shows, documentaries, and sitcoms, I’ve been a child actor for several years, from age 7-12. Then, I was in a couple low budget, James Bond spin-offs, and both acted and produced a few music videos, including those for Billy Idol and Narada Michael Walden.

Acting Blog on FB

Cosmic Angel TV Blog on FB

Visionary Portals – Documentary on FB


– dancer, choreographer, actor, model, director, writer for all types of genres

Comedy Career Coach

Dance/Choreography Blog on FB

Expressive Arts Coach 

Plus Size Model

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