Mission Statement

Teresa Ann Foxworthy ~ Artist-Healer-Consultant

We’ve all been through a lot these last few years. For too many, even longer than that. I’ve taken time to study the changes taking place in our world and there is still only the choices we make each day that determine our direction.

My mission is to inspire teens & adults make better choices for their lives everyday! With this in mind, I devote my time to humanitarian endeavors, teaching personal development  for spiritual growth & relationship success. I also do this through creative projects & lifestyle consulting.

One of my biggest efforts to accomplish all of this is to raise the status of women locally & globally. Women make up half of our world and communities greatly benefit from their intuitive wisdom, insight, and diligent efforts to help nurture their families & our communities.”

Please explore this website to discover your next step on the journey of self-realization. It all begins with self-awareness, then self-discovery & self-mastery. Through our personal evolution we grow in our profound realization of who we really are. The journey  inward is rich with treasures of one’s heart & soul. Wealth is the measure of one’s soul. Love is the bliss of one’s heart.

Now, in this 21st Century, we have an unprecedented opportunity to express at our highest, human potential. We have the resources to envision a world where Heaven is brought to Earth, where we each may create our personal Garden of Eden, and reclaim the sacred in our lives. With over 200 personal & professional programs for individuals, couples, and groups, I teach online & in-person.

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