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Meditation Teacher in Carlsbad

Stressed out? Can’t relax? Need to unwind?

Want to focus on your well-being?

Meditation and Spiritual Counseling can be an easy way to re-gain your composure and personal fulfillment.

Sessions available by phone or online, as well as in-person, in selected cities. Currently, Carlsbad, CA, USA.

Teresa Foxworthy, the popular Well-Being Coach, offers a wide variety of meditation and other, well-being programs.




Meditation is a practical way to relax, restore balance, beat stress while boosting personal health and well being.  And the great thing is that anyone can meditate. In fact, you may have noticed that people everywhere are “waking up as a spiritual being”. This is because there’s far more to each of us that just our bodies and brains. But we start with those and learn to integrate the many aspects of our lives.



Your meditation guide helps identify what works for you, and then shows you how to use meditation as a practical tool in everyday situations. We will work with you to help you deepen into relaxation quickly and easily. Your Meditation Coach will also show you how to use breathing and visualization to reduce stress and come into balance, as well as to connect with your inner wisdom and melt stress away. Weekly instruction makes all the difference.



Some folks find music an excellent way to approach their meditation practice. We can suggest music for you to practice meditation.



When you first learn meditation, you’ll want to explore the options, sitting, standing, walking, dancing, silent meditation, guided meditation, and meditation retreats. With time, you’ll find what is best for you. And that can change as you find yourself in different situations. As long as your meditation leaves you feeling better, you can be sure you’re on the right path. But everyone’s journey of personal evolution is unique.



Today, the term, mindfulness is very popular in Buddhist circles. It is meant to describe a life where you make choices more conscientiously.  An examined life in not worth living, is the ancient Greek corollary. Whether you prefer Eastern or Western paradigms, mindfulness will help you recognize what is right for you at any given stage of your life.

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We’re happy to discuss any and all of these with you during the course of your meditation practice.

To begin your journey, register HERE for your meditation instruction.





“There is a place where Heaven & Earth meet, like the joining of your body & soul.” – Teresa Ann Foxworthy


Learn to calm your mind with various exercises. There are so many ways to meditate now.

Teresa’s website: How To Meditate Now will help you get started. Sessions can be done online or in-person.






Today, we must take more responsibility for our mental & physical health & well-being. Meditation is used in hospitals, prisons, corporate boardrooms, school classrooms, universities, retreats, gyms, doctor offices, health spas…the list goes on.

Discover how meditation can improve your life.

Like yoga, there’s a style for everyone.


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