Artist’s Statement

"Creativity is my fountain of youth."
“Creativity is my fountain of youth.”


‘I can shine like the Sun or glow like the Moon.’

In addition to being an Executive Life Coach & Lifestyle Consultant, Teresa is a Creative Artist, (singer, songwriter, screenwriter, model, choreographer, photographer, director and producer) for Enlightening Entertainment titles, in the fields of music, film, and stage productions.

“These projects come straight from my heart & soul, to inspire more Love & Light in the world, making it happier, healthier, and more vibrant in every corner.

“My songwriting style extends to various genres including, Trance Pop, Rock, R&B, Dance, Folk, New Age, Musicals, and others.

“In film, my scripts have mostly female leads, involved in both personal transformation and community action, usually precipitating the next leap in evolutionary consciousness. The titles are best described by genres of drama, comedy, historical, fantasy and documentary.

“My modeling is mostly artistic or fashion.

“TAF Photography focuses on contemplative images, whether still life, portraits, landscapes or precious moments in time. Given my travels, I have a wide range.

“Every project I take on is imbued with an ephemeral light of soul-based inspiration.

“Ideas pour through my mind so quickly, so often, so continuously, I’m rendered ecstatic with this creative inspiration.

“Like so many before me, I feel this inspiration coming from another realm, speaking through my body, mind, heart, and soul.

“To be an artist in this lifetime, in an industrial society, is a blessing and a curse; but of course, an honor as I attempt to inspire and uplift others. I am in awe of Life and the Universe.  I hope to reach my audiences at the deepest levels of their emotional and spiritual awareness.

“We in the 21st Century have an unprecedented opportunity to express at our highest, human potential.”




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