Enlightening Entertainment

There are more leisure time activities available to the average Westerner than ever. But how many actually enrich one’s life? Teresa’s artistic projects and personal evolution coaching offer you uplifting options for your entertainment pleasure.

Similar to the trend with vacations, where more and more people want educational trips or eco tourism vacations, entertainment avenues are beginning to evolve into more enlightening possibilities for mainstream adults and children.

Whether we’re talking about music, film, dance, location-based entertainment, streaming content, mobile apps, art exhibits, literature, or life coaching for spiritual development, relationship success, health, wellness, retreats, & well-being,

What choices are you making for your leisure time? Which choices could you make that would be the most enriching & enlightening for you, your beloved, your family, and your community?

As an artist & inspirational speaker, Teresa offers you & yours a wealth of options & ideas to expand your scope of possibilities. Imagine where you want to be in a  year or two and what direction you can now face to get there.