Whether it’s me choreographing, performing or facilitating a dance workshop, Dance is something that everyone can enjoy and benefit from. There are as you know, many genres of dance.

After studying Ballet, tap, pointe, African, Indian, Middle Eastern, Ballroom, South American, Hip Hop, Ecstatic, 5-Rhythms, and Temple Dancing, I evolved as a choreographer. Staging dance concerts is exhilarating, but so is social dancing and of course, what some call, the New Yoga, Ecstatic Dance.

Most memorable is my time in France, leading an African Dance Troupe in Montpellier, as well as studying Indian Dance with Savitri Nair in Paris. Then, too, directing & producing my own Dance Meditation TV Show was very fulfilling, as two viewers wrote to say that the show saved them from suicide. This 3-Camera shoot was done entirely in Marin County, CA, just over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Temple dancing brings the sacred with the mystical forms of creative expression for personal growth & spiritual fulfillment. Some use dance as therapy to learn how to better express what is difficult to articulate with words. Whatever your fascination or dilemma, dance is a world unto itself that can help you build bridges in your life to health & happiness.


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