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Communications Therapist in Marin County, CA

Do you want to be a better communicator? When people don’t understand you, do you feel bad? Did you know that anger, sadness, fear, guilt, anxiety, and confusion often result from miscommunication, disrupting relationships and derailing projects? Additionally, both adults & children have trouble expressing themselves appropriately. When communication problems stand in the way of positive, healthy relationships, professional services can remedy the situation & be incredibly beneficial. Axis Magna Group offers personalized communications therapy in San Francisco, CA and worldwide via phone & online calls, both Skype, Google Hangouts and other similar services.

Anxiety is a huge hurdle in many communication situations. Communications Therapy addresses anxiety, as well as performance skills. Having communication skills is part of finessing dialogue and presentations. Conflict resolution, public speaking, voice lessons, English lessons, as well as resolving emotional turbulence, comprises a lot of what we’ll do when you enroll in Communications Therapy. Learn better Communication skills for your personal or professional goals. Counseling helps. You can focus on creative writing, motivational quotes, inspiring quotes, and then take it more seriously if desired.

Depression is addressed at time with Communications Therapy. Sometimes, you just need to externalize your thoughts & feelings and then you can feel done with them, so you can move your life forward. Emotional Intelligence affects relationships, and you want to use the best tones, cadence, & gestures to express at your highest human potential. Etiquette is part of Communications Therapy, as you will learn to discern what’s appropriate in social or professional situations. Executive Coaching includes Communications Therapy because you’ll be learning Communication skills for management decisions & directives, team engagement & business negotiations.

Clear Communication is a program which you can do by phone, online, or in-person, depending on our locations, and feel the inspiration of having someone to help you communicate more effectively. Interpersonal relationships depend on effective communication. And life is all about relationships, whether in business, in your communities, or at home. Learn how to speak your intentions & preferences gracefully, as well as intelligently collaborate with others. Leaders have to learn productive communication skills, regardless of their leadership styles. Communications Therapy is part of Life Coaching. And so marriage counseling has a new alternative, including Communications Therapy, using a model of Life Coaching for your success in this area.

In our Communications Programs, you will discover a holistic approach to mastering your communication skills. Body language, tones of voice, grammar, languages skills, emotional well-being, mindfulness, reason, intention and other forces conjoin to mark the leading edge of your life path. We have motivational speakers, personal development programs, poetry, and even premarital counseling for those who wish to better convey their thoughts and feelings for optimal wellness & well-being. There is a psychology to Communications Therapy & Skills. Whether it’s public speaking or inner dialogue or intimate conversations, learn how to be the clear channel that you desire. Transform that stress into confidence and enjoy the adventures of your Life.


Without healthy communication, conversations among adults can quickly become arguments, and arguments can quickly escalate into all-out fights. And when children have difficulty communicating, they can wind up shutting themselves out and denying themselves the opportunity to get the attention and nurturing they need for healthy development. Axis Magna Group’s mission is to improve the lives of their clients by help them identify and address the communication issues that are negatively impacting their lives.

Whether you are an individual or group of people who want to advance your wellness & well-being through Communications Therapy, Axis Magna Group has the solutions you need. Enroll in our one-on-one, family dynamics, or team building activities, and get the coaching you need. If you’re experiencing communications issues, or if you’re worried that your family, friends, or co-workers are having trouble communicating, contact us for more information. Our programs are popular, so plan a week in advance for your desired appointment.

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